Tell us a little about yourself; what are your interests? Do you work in the green industry?

My name is Nothemba Sonkwele; I work for Neotel Service Delivery department in Midrand, South Africa. I want to ensure that the way we do business is sustainable for both the Neotel business, and the environment. I do not work directly in the green industry but I am now aware that there is a strong link with what we do and the environment

You have just done the Climate Change Awareness course. How did you find out about Terra Firma Academy and this course?

The course was great, informative and knowledge packed. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that I can do better and encourage my colleagues to do as well to save energy, water, and general waste management.

Did you have a clear idea about what you wanted to learn and gain from the course?

Yes I did, by the end of the course I was stunned to realise how little I knew before about the world around me and greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you enjoy the course? Did you find it easy to follow and relevant with what you were expecting to come away with?

Yes immensely, and absolutely relevant

Was the facilitator effective in explaining? Did you enjoy the relevance to your industry?

Tina was great, she explained clearly, her presentation was well-paced and focused – Thank you

Do you feel you can make use of the skills you have learnt during the course, especially what you can do in order to reduce climate change?

Yes I will make use of the knowledge I gained. Well I might not try everything all at once, but I have been given an opportunity to be part of the Neotel green initiative and I intend to make my mark or at least die trying. Everyone around me will know how to dispose of waste correctly and save energy & water. I am personally motivated to teach and to learn.

Do you think this course assists participants to understand more about climate change? Will it make a difference in their awarenss and behaviour?

Absolutely, lack of knowledge is dangerous because even though I consider myself highly educated, I did not know exactly how my actions and behaviours affected the environment. To me it was too farfetched. I thought (in error) that my green contribution will never amount to much – I know now that I was wrong. This is a start of a green revolution for me.

Do you have any advice you would like to give any prospective students or people who may be interested in taking one of our courses?

Well I would ask them to keep an open mind. There is a tendency for people to be defensive when you attend such kind of courses. The idea is to take the knowledge and internalize it, start with self and then move to others – the environmental disasters will yield losers all round if we choose to ignore the message.